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Concours Europan 8, Alkmaar


PAR / BY Gabriel Rousseau architecte,Veronique Bélanger, Claude Depassillé

Quebec  / Canada





URBAN RESONANCE, FLICKERING LIFE. Our main concept is to introduce joy into the built environment through a relative abstraction that initiates surprise as a phenomenological experience. By this subtle ethereal abstraction we plan to bring contemporary aesthetics to the heart of daily downtown life and above all, to resident’s daily life. Here, the main manifestation of this architectural joy is a system of movable panels and a play of transformable public furniture. In this case, movement is seen as a technological expression of the evolution of society and its public spaces. Like flickering waves on the water surface, our facade scheme would constantly transform luminosity, shadows and colour patterns to animate architectural space. An assemblage of movable coloured protection panels, guardrail panels, basic airtight glazing and interior wall panels work together transforming the inhabitants’ communal and private spaces. Since at least 66 % of the apartment units have a double-orientation sunlight exposure, the panels serve both as sun blockers and privacy control elements. The inner circulation also participates in the overall architectural experience. When seen from the outside, residents actively participate in the public space.








Projet : Europan 8
Lieu : Alkmaar
Équipe de conception :

Gabriel Rousseau architecte,

Veronique Bélanger

Claude Depassillé






Gabriel Rousseau architecte

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